Download Momochi Blogger Template

Momochi Blogger Template

Template name : Momochi

Type : New Blogger Template (XML),3 Column, 2 Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar,Brown background


Follow this steps to add this template to your blog.

1.Log in to your Blogger�s dashboard, then go to LAYOUT -> EDIT HTML

2.It�s best that your backup your old template (just in case any thing goes wrong), by clicking on the �DOWNLOAD FULL TEMPLATE� link and then save the file to your hard disk drive.

3.Once you have created a back up, upload the new template by clicking the �Choose File� button. Select the file�s source and click �UPLOAD�.

4.After the upload is complete , you can either which to preview your template or click on the �SAVE TEMPLATE� button to start using it.


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